Conduit Global Selected for G-Cloud 10

On July 2nd Conduit Global announced its G-Cloud 10 selection, the same day we were registered on the portal: we are now a secure, trusted Crown Commercial Services Provider of cloud contact centre software and support service. Current and potential Conduit Global customers in the UK public sector can now procure from our CX100™ suite of cloud contact centre solutions.

G-Cloud helps public sector companies find approved suppliers to bid on cloud systems and services opportunities. There are currently more than 2,800 suppliers registered on G-Cloud, with more than £3 billion spend since the framework was initiated in 2008. We are thrilled to be part of it. Our successful submission to G-Cloud means public sector organisations can purchase Conduit Global technology and services with confidence – it certainly opens up a new market for us. G-Cloud provides a potentially faster procurement route for buyers, with standardised terms and documents provided by CCS. And although G-Cloud only applies to public sector companies, it’s also a great reference check for private sector companies.

Our addition to the G-Cloud framework might also lead to a direct award. How so? Let’s say a public sector buyer is searching for a product or service on G-Cloud. If their search is filtered so only a single supplier meets their criteria, this supplier might be awarded the contract then and there! Yes, it’s quite rare, but it could happen.

If you have any questions about CX100, or you’re interested in a demo, please let us know.

See you in the cloud.


About Conduit Global

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