What is omnichannel

What is Omnichannel?


What is Omnichannel – The term omnichannel has evolved in response to the varying demands of the contact center industry over the last 10 years. Voice dominated the call center arena for many years, with additional forms of communication handled in a vacuum, usually through disparate systems and segmented teams of agents.

As the thirst for contact center efficiencies increased and varying digital channels were adopted, it became necessary for the contact center industry to provide the framework to support such a shift. The initial shift came in the form of multi-channel, where new inbound contacts, such as email and chat, were supported, but such interactions were handled in a segmented manner, often requiring different systems, which resulted in agent application bounce, where an agent has to use several applications through multiple windows. The biggest drawback for this type of system is the lack of aligned MIS and customer history, which stifles the agent’s ability to view the customer’s interactions – this view is often referred to as a 360 degree view.

The logical progression beyond multi-channel is omnichannel, where the walls endemic to the segmented approach were broken down to allow views of each customer’s entire history, regardless of inbound channel. Omnichannel allows for enriched customer experiences through the customer’s medium of choice and when this aligns with the customer’s professional or personal schedules. Such functionality provides greater insight into customer behaviors and creates a tailored experience, driving contact center efficiencies, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Conduit Global’ CX100 Cloud Suite provides a full suite of omnichannel capabilities to contact centers. It’s the perfect cloud contact center solution to your business move from vanilla voice or multi-channel inbound to a truly blended customer journey, one that provides immeasurable benefit to your operations and, more importantly, to your customers.

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