Digital disruption will spare no one

The customer landscape is evolving rapidly, it’s being transformed by the convergence of technology, the internet, mobile solutions, social media, big data and new consumer behaviors. Today’s millennial and Generation Z customers are more informed and in charge of the experiences they receive. Resolution is never fast enough as customers expect the brands to not only know their needs, but proactively anticipate their questions, personalize their experience and provide self-service options that go far beyond a simple FAQ page. If customers experience confusion and unhappiness when they are not set up for decision-making success it translates to lost revenue.No business today can refuse to “go digital” especially when embracing that digital disruption has the potential to overturn incumbents and redefine markets faster than ever. Today, Customer Experience (CX) is no longer a back-office function but a boardroom priority. This shift in mindset starts at the top, it’s a critical success factor.

The CX challenge

Companies that are focused on the excellence of their products risk becoming complacent, thinking they are ‘customer centric’ because they know their customers. Products and services are no longer a sufficient differentiator to win over and retain customers in the digital era. According to McKinsey over half of all customer interactions happen during a multi-channel journey. Stories abound of customer frustration with the friction they encounter in many organizations. Being made to wait on hold for extended periods, regurgitating the same information to multiple agents across multiple channels, and failing to get their problems solved in a timely fashion are just a few examples of friction. The multi-channel buying habits of consumers demanding a seamless experience pose a new and complex paradigm to businesses. Turning big data and rich analytics into actionable insights, and shifting the focus from selling products to solving customer problems is the key to becoming truly customer centric and delivering transformational experiences. Experiences are more important than products. In fact, experiences are products.

Empowering agents to be brand ambassadors

Amidst this digital transformation, human interactions remain fundamental and will continue to play a crucial role in customer acquisition and retention. Customer centric organizations also understand that a good customer experience isn’t just about technology – it is also about hiring and training the right people, giving them the tools to do their job more effectively and empowering them to become a brand ambassador from the service agent of today.

Obsolescence is not the only concern. The current wave, characterized by multi-channel interactions, intelligent automation, smarter machine-to-machine communications and artificial intelligence increasingly require a significantly broader level of skill sets. The opportunities offered by harnessing the power of connectivity and cloud based, virtualized software help you embrace the gig economy for productivity gains. Hiring the right skillsets across a mobile and remote workforce, while empowering workers with more flexible working arrangements ensures that your company gets the human capital it needs to stay competitive. And it starts with building a digital infrastructure, and equipping employees with the right technologies to make this happen.

Welcome to digital disruption

Empowering users and simplifying customer interactions at every turn are critical for customer intimacy. By having a powerful platform to ensure efficient, high-quality customer engagements, businesses can focus their attention on innovation and customer seduction. There is no one size fits all approach to begin a customer experience strategy. The best companies are constantly raising the bar by learning how to leverage their platforms.

New technologies such as seamless omnichannel interactions and cloud computing fused with data analytics, AI and operational processes offer a bold approach to translating insights into prompt, tailored and emotive customer experiences that build brand loyalty. Technology today is now more advanced and affordable, and businesses can easily implement the right mix of new technologies, processes and strategies faster to address the changing consumer demands and needs.

At Conduit Global, we help our customers identify, respond and navigate through the world of digital disruption. Our CX100 omnichannel cloud contact center platform delivers a seamless multi-channel experience to customers, transforming moments into journeys by giving them access whenever, wherever and however they choose to interact.

Digital disruption provides transformational opportunities for businesses to design experiences that attract and retain customers by offering a personal experience that is relevant and engaging in ways that fit with their modern connected and social lives. Anyone can successfully navigate this disruption with the right mix of technology, creativity – and a solid digital platform.

We’d love to show you what CX100 can do for your organization – and for your customers.


Jitender Singh

SVP Cloud Solutions and Sales


About Jitender Singh

Jitender Singh is an industry veteran and thought leader in customer experience helping clients with business transformation for over 20 years. Jitender oversees sales and marketing, providing strategic direction to the technology solutions division. Prior to joining Conduit Global, he was the Director and General Manager, Cloud Solutions, at Avaya, where he founded and spearheaded the growth of Avaya’s cloud solutions business. He also held senior sales leadership and general management roles at Nokia and Ericsson, establishing each company as a leader in digital media.

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