What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

 Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS broadly refers to the availability of Contact Center functionality and associated benefits through the use of cloud-based technologies offered through a consumption-based model. The journey leading to the creation of the term CCaaS requires us to glance back in time, and refresh ourselves of how the Call Center technology stacks looked and the associated cost and support models that underpinned it.

How it was…

Planning of multiple 500 seat Call Centers would typically involve a myriad of questions such as, What functionality do my agents require?, What are the daily call volumes?, What is my peak agent occupation?, What is my agent to inbound line ratio?, Where will I locate my Automatic Call Distribution (ACDs)?, How many inbound lines do I need?, How will I route calls between my nodes, and Do I need a Data Center?

Once these questions were answered and your strategy in place, you entered the procurement phase which often took months and required the approval of significant investment dollars. This phase was labor and resource intensive as you captured design proposals, accounted for technology licenses, and coordinated with facilities to design and build server rooms at each location.

As the business grew, you added further licenses to the switch(es), duplicated across your estate where appropriate, and added further processing capacity or telco interfaces to accommodate your peak capacity, necessitating additional capital investment. Then as the business contracted you were left with the dilemma – do I mothball my spare licenses or do I remove them and save operating dollars at the next renewal?

Fast forward time 5 years after the initial project deployment and you are faced with a further capital investment required to upgrade your hardware and software. The cycle would repeat itself as you evaluate your existing equipment and software licenses trying to optimize for the next 5 years.

Hello CCaaS…

As cloud compute technologies evolved and became more widely adopted, along with changes in web-based development stacks, the ability to replicate call center functionality within the cloud became possible. The evolution of the market led to the rapid delivery of blended digital channels and services (Omnichannel) that expanded the Call Center into a true digital customer contact center. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) was born.

It is now possible for you as a consumer to acquire Contact Center Services through the cloud known as CCaaS with flexibility of use, allowing you to be prescriptive of what you consume, how you consume and for how long, delivering real business benefits –  both financial and speed to market,  driving customer satisfaction. Such platforms remove the need for ongoing support and expensive upgrades and are agile in nature, flexing as your business changes. Suitable price points exist to cater for all sizes, and control can still be maintained through self-provisioning interfaces allowing you to manage your agent and call center estate through a single pane of glass with rich supporting management interfaces.

Such CCaaS platforms are available across multiple vendors such as Conduit Global, who utilizes its CX100 platform to deliver a highly differentiated, reliable and robust CCaaS solution for its varying consumer base. We would love to speak with you and understand your CCaaS needs.  Contact us for further assistance or request a demo.


Stuart Knight

SVP Technology Services



About Stuart Knight

Stuart Knight is responsible for the management and operational support of Conduit Global technology assets for both BPO and cloud call center clients. Stuart has spent more than 25 years in technology and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge and a thirst for innovation, particularly in the delivery of customer-centric technology solutions.

About Conduit Global

Conduit Global is transforming customer engagement in the digital era. CX100, our global CCaaS platform, supports enterprises of all sizes in private and/or public cloud environments, enabling true digital transformation. For more information, please visit www.conduitglobal.com.