How to stay competitive in a low Unemployment Market

I currently reside and work in the great city of San Antonio, TX where competition for call center work is high and the unemployment rate is very low. This can present a challenge to organizations that are not willing to adapt to changes taking place in the market or are not willing to focus on several key areas to stay competitive. I highlight some of those key areas.

Every employer must have a strong employee engagement strategy that fosters a sense a value, respect and community. Many companies speak about culture but usually only carry out initiatives at the direction of upper management. Employee surveys and questionnaires are a great way to get feedback from employees that can make a difference in incorporating the right activities or events. At Conduit Global, we use our surveys to determine the effectiveness of our training program, feedback on our events calendar and improvements that can be made to our facility and canteen services. Our ‘You Said, We Did’ boards go a long way to providing our team with updates to the opinions and suggestions they represent. There must ALWAYS be something going on. Every month, our engagement event calendar fills every day with fun activities, recognition and at least one community event. The goal is to make this a fun place to come to work.

Facilities are also an important factor when potential new hires are determining their employer of choice in a competitive market. The competition will have new, pristine and well maintained facilities so it is important that an investment into the facility is happening. First impressions count with the new hire experience being vital in determining whether an employer is a right fit for the employee. I am fortunate to have this type of backing in our San Antonio Call Center as we continue to make investments to attract and retain talent.

My last point is about career progression and development. Providing a career path and the training necessary to develop is a key factor in determining an employer. We have seen positive results since the launch of our Customer Service Representative (CSR) progression program, which provides our advisors with advancement opportunities and career development. Development is incorporated into all levels of this progression program so that the tools and training prepare them for their next move.

Conduit Global is committed to investing in these areas to remain an employer of choice in this very competitive job market. We continue to look for opportunities to improve our employee engagement and deliver opportunities and excitement to our employees.


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Rick Quinones is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Conduit Global San Antonio Contact Center and driving excellence through strong leadership and mentorship of his surrounding team.

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