Leveraging your Outsourcing partner to grow sales

Providing excellent service, supplying great products and delivering value are of course at the core of ensuring organisations have a platform to build deep and trusting relationships with their customers. These things are very important and need to happen consistently but have you ever heard the argument ‘they are what I am paying for so are what I expect’.

So to really have a deep relationship that engenders a true partnership organisations need to collaborate more effectively and accept that ‘constructive challenging’ can be really beneficial.

Although outsourcing is a subject that has raised many debates, some positive and some negative, this type of construct can give organisations the opportunity to collaborate more effectively and through this collaboration build trust and create value, value that may not have been perceived before.

Let’s look at an outsourced contact centre right at the heart of delivering a great customer experience (CX). This facility can deliver real value, improve customer satisfaction and provide a function to up and cross sell products and services.
Outsourcers must ensure the sales function is integrated into the overall CX and the buyer must feel they are getting value in the sales. To ensure we get this right we should look at some of the fundamentals:

  • Understanding our customers business
  • Knowledge of what they are offering and its value and benefits
  • Their market and ‘hot spots’
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Customer demographic
  • Digital initiatives and data analytics

Having this understanding helps us develop the training content for customer service advisors making them comfortable with the approach to selling and how to be compliant, really important in a regulated environment.

Secondly we should have the tools that help us understand who we are selling to and what they are likely to buy, don’t try to sell meat to a vegetarian! Voice is a critical part of this but by adopting an omnichannel approach, organisations can stay in contact with clients anytime, anywhere and on any device, improving the chances of more sales.

Thirdly we need to have clear targets and measurements based on business objectives and strategic outcomes. To get these targets right we can analyse sales data and encourage searching questions, something like ‘how does the promotion of this product fit into your overall strategy of retaining and growing your customer base?’ should be common place. This may seem odd but if an organisation is investing in people and technology to help sell a legacy product that nobody wants, or conflicts with market tends it makes it pretty difficult to sell and then creates tensions.

To complement all this we should regularly review overall performance, volume of sales by product and service, total value, individual advisor performance among many other things. All this may look simple and obvious but doing it in a collaborative environment and discussing issues in a non-adversarial way enables enhanced partnerships.

Here at Conduit Global, we relish the opportunity to show you how we work with our existing clients to deliver agreed outcomes, improve the customer experience and at the same time grow their revenue streams.

About Nick Sawbridge
Nick is responsible for Conduit Global’s UK&I client base and manages strategic initiatives designed to bring value and benefit. Nick has many years experience in client relationship management for both technology and outsourcing services. He is an advocate of delivering excellent customer service and through collaboration helping to create value for the customer and their business.

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