How to outsource in a compliance heavy environment

The decision to outsource is a tough one for any organisation. The process of selecting a contact centre partner can be onerous. Do we consider offshoring, near shoring, right shoring? What sort of partner should we chose, a well-known international brand where our work will be one of a number of accounts or perhaps a mid-tier local provider where we will be a major part of their business?

There are a whole heap of considerations to work through at the best of times, add to that the challenges of working within a heavily controlled compliance regime and the task can seem, on the face of it, too challenging to undertake.

The good news is that there are prospective partners out there who successfully deliver fully compliant outsourced solutions for clients working in a strict legislative environment and have done so for many years.

As a leading contact centre services and technology provider we believe there are a number of key areas you must consider when choosing an outsourced partner to provide services in this environment :

  • Does the provider have recent demonstrable relevant experience – Having all the right “badges” is a pre-requisite for any provider working in this arena. It is one thing possessing the relevant accreditations, it is another to be actively delivering in this space and doing so for a significant time period.
  • Does the provider have a T&C scheme in place that is transparent and auditable – As a business working within a regulated environment you will have a T&C scheme in place for all staff. Your chosen partner should also be able to demonstrate this and they should be happy to allow you to audit the outputs in an open and transparent way.
  • Does the provider have an independent compliance department – Ensuring that the integrity of the compliance regime is maintained requires the provider to have a dedicated compliance department that acts independently to police the T&C scheme.
  • Does the provider have the right environment & tools– Delivering services in a regulated environment often requires the physical location and the IT system used to be tailored to suit the legislative environment.
  • Does the provider have an experienced implementation team – Once the decision is made you need to be certain that the team deployed has the right experience to bring this work into their estate.

Nailing the compliance questions up front will provide you with a short list of potential partners at which point further discussions can commence on location, cultural fit and cost.

Conduit Global have many years of experience in delivering success in compliance heavy environments, all backed up with excellent omnichannel customer experience tools. Our approach is to be a true strategic partner, leveraging our compliance expertise to deliver a better customer experience. Whether you’re ready for an outsourcing partner, or just exploring the idea, Conduit Global is happy to help you explore whether outsourcing makes sense for you.

About Duncan Graham
Duncan is responsible for Conduit Global’s UK&I Operations and leads a team of over 1300 dedicated and experienced customer centric colleagues. Duncan has over 20 years Outsourcing experience and acts as the FCA authorised person for Conduit Global.

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