Disruption Affecting the Customer Experience 

Millennials, larger than the Baby Boomer generation, are shaping the customer experiences of today and have the highest expectations when it comes to customer service. Omnipresent across their social networks, connected 24×7 through multiple devices they demand individualised experiences and relevant answers instantly.

Customers expect a seamless multi-channel experience that gives them access whenever wherever and however they choose to connect. When in the midst of a journey, they expect to continue with the process from their last contact point.

Big Data and analytics are transforming information delivery to create a holistic view of the customer experience with rich customer insights across the business enabling customer-centric organisations to know what the customer is thinking, at the time they are thinking it and often with predictive analytics, even before they have thought of it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)  is profoundly changing customer engagement strategies placing much more importance on self-service. Customers experience confusion and unhappiness when they are not set up for decision-making success translating into lost revenues. They are more informed and expect to be in charge of the experiences they receive and expect brands to proactively anticipate their needs, and provide self-service options that go far beyond a simple FAQ page.

The mobile workforce continues to grow with globalisation and democratisation of technology. By 2022, at least 1.87 billion employees5 will be working on the go or remotely, accessing information from any location. With cloud-based solutions, businesses are empowering the Millennial workers with a structured yet flexible working style.  Businesses that are serious about attracting and retaining talent are building a digital infrastructure to equip employees with the right technologies to maximise their investments in human capital and remain competitive.

Technology today is now more advanced and affordable and businesses – large and small – can easily implement customer experience solutions easier and quicker than larger enterprises. A right mix of new technologies, processes and strategies can help businesses address the changing marketplace of consumer demands and needs.

If you don’t have a digital platform, you’re toast. By having a powerful omnichannel platform with AI-driven automation and self-service for customer experience, companies can proactively stem customer dissatisfaction and instead focus on innovation and customer intimacy.

At Conduit Global, we are helping customers deploy advanced customer engagement solutions in line with their strategy that supports legacy AND emerging channels through one platform.  With our partnership with Bright Pattern, Conduit Global offers a compelling solution to companies looking to disrupt their existing markets, as it enables next generation of customer experiences without sacrificing the customer satisfaction or needs for existing clients.

For some fresh ideas on how to leverage the Conduit Global and Bright Pattern partnership to power disruption in your business, visit us at booth 600 at CC Expo I London, UK on March 27th and March 208th 2019.


Jitender Singh

SVP Cloud Solutions and Sales

About Jitender Singh

Jitender Singh is an industry veteran and thought leader in customer experience helping clients with business transformation for over 20 years. Jitender oversees sales and marketing, providing strategic direction to the technology solutions division. Prior to joining Conduit Global, he was the Director and General Manager, Cloud Solutions, at Avaya, where he founded and spearheaded the growth of Avaya’s cloud solutions business. He also held senior sales leadership and general management roles at Nokia and Ericsson, establishing each company as a leader in digital media.

About Conduit Global

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